Albert Mangelsdorff Discography

Dear jazz friends,
dear friends of the music of Albert Mangelsdorff,

on this side you will find a compilation of recordings by this exceptionally gifted musician, which is as complete as possible. It should be perceived as an appreciation of his complete works.  

The structure of this discography differs from all the other Mangelsdorff-discographies I know. All official releases on audio media are arranged in strict chronological order of recording - regardless when or on which medium the song was published. This way, you may find the tracks of a certain album in this discography listed in different sections, exactly according to the date the song was recorded.

I am of the opinion that a compilation in this form provides a better overview than the discographies that are based on the publication of the audio media. In order to improve the clarity further, each recording was assigned a special number. This discography is confined to the first publication of a recording. Re-Issues, alternative or multiple publications of identical recordings are not included. Otherwise the clarity would have suffered enormously, since there would have been up to about 20 different media on the list per recording. For a search like that, the discographies mentioned before, which are based on phonograms, seem to be suitable. I will be pleased to answer questions on this topic, anyway.

The current version of the discography compiles only recordings that were published on vinyl, CD or as legal downloads. Subsequently, in the near future, I will try to include radio recordings, which have not been published on audio media yet, into the discography - as completely as possible. Though there are several hundred recordings like that in my possession, the grade of completeness in compilation will mainly depend on the cooperation of the various broadcast stations.

I would like to mention here, that I largely compiled this discography single-handedly, based on my record collection, which is almost complete in Albert Mangelsdorff recordings. Though there have been several proofreadings, I suspect there are still some errors to be found on closer inspection - in regard to spelling as well as to content. I would very much appreciate any hints as well as amendments and additions. I also welcome questions to my email-address stated below.

Latest news about the discography's current state are available via the appropriate download-button (here I will also report on the progress in compiling the broadcast recordings).

Now, I hope you enjoy searching and reading.

Hans-Werner König

Albert Mangelsdorf in Moers 1982

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